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Cilia Black style....whats yer name and where dya come from...Amit from Glasgow...AND I DRIVE A HONDA CIVIC! ;)

Before you start reading below is my comparitive to my beloved TT. Be warned before going any further! And if I appear over critical know this and this only....I LOVE MY CAR! I just love cars...so read it from an overcritical bum point of view!

Well finally got my new [well 6 months old] 2.2 CDTi Sport in NHB.

It was with a heavy heavy heart that I traded in my 2001 TT 225, a car that I had an unhealthy love for, that i could not fault, bar the fact that I work in a district hospital drive 100 miles a day there and back, and was whoping a massive 300 pounds of petrol a month at least just travelling.

So, getting older and apparently wiser was on the prowl for something as eye catching as the TT, that would save me money and had the performance and calibre of the audi.

So after a couple of weeks her is my first impressions on my new car.

The styling is totally orgasmic. The car turns head, looks like a space ship [am a sad closet sci-fi lover ;)] and has an interior that makes you reel in excitement everytime you step in. Be this from that awesome yet completely over the top Engine Start button, to the two tier crazy Jap multi read speed and rev counter. Drving this distance also, I don't get numb-bum...always good. And the space is nothing short of astonishing, and thats without even considering the insane magic seats which I used for the first time the other day.

The fuel economy is excellent. Surprising that something that shifts fairly quick, loves being rev'd hard can still average 600 miles on a fuel tank of fuel!

SO yeah generally happy. But....there are some niggles that I have noticed already.

Firstly, as I have already said my love for my TT is insane, from having it on my Wallpaper desktop for years until I could afford one, to actually owning one. I travelled thousans of miles with it, and it took care of me. The handling despite what anyone said is nothing short of amazing taking corners at unthinkable speed and linear torque and power kicking in at 3,000 revs and taking the car to ludicrous speeds [ max 137 before I thought hmm...i like]

The Honda engine is astonishing. The speed rises to 110 without any obvious problems when in a straight line, and to be honest, from a diesel CRD is amazing.

The ride is fairly smooth, and the suspension seems tight but doesn't flicker at every bump like the low riding TT.

The Driving and handling are something I need to get used too but the Civic definately is not as composed on the road as the TT. I know this is an unfair comparision of a 225 4wd drive to a 140 2wd drive car but it does show.

Straight lining is fun and exciting, and round a corner, the wheels seem to have a degree of lateral drift, with that irritating grip losing grinding round a roundabout when appraoching half lock. The car suffers from torque steer which should be corrected by a lsd or a more intuitive VSA, but means that it leads to slip. The steering wheel although light, is not as responsive at faster speeds, becoming irritatingly lighter meaning that round a hard medium bend, feels like that is it isnt transmitting loss of grip which can be a danger.

Schizo weather in Britain of late means the road to Ayrshire becomes suddenly watter logged, and the Civic seems to have an Aquaplaining dip which maybe correctable with 225/R17 F1 Eagles with a V tread tyre...wich I might change to in a month....[The Michelins Primacy tyre combo is poor imo and I have always loved V treads for grip and Aquaplanning control]

I don't like the car tech overpowering the drive, but the VSA although technologically brilliant, seems timid in places and although controversial, I would like it to take over [especially in tight cornering on B roads] and correct to compensate for grip loss.

The design of the car coupled with a fairly logically chassis with a wide whell base should make this a much nimbler car, and perhaps a suspension adjustment down would lead to increased agility.

The air con system is lush, miles better than the niggly constant TT flicking jog dial, and helps my journeys but the performance cost is startling...20% for Air con is a high cost cutting into the fuel economy of 50mpg that is possible.

One of my best mates has the Leather, which is a must I think, as those Suede seats although remarkbaly comfy will not survive 3 years imo.

The spoiler bar, is a bit of a design flaw and although looks the business impedes or rear visibility. I'm not saying the TT was ever great at this, but the anti headlamp glare idea is a great idea on paper, but practically leaves a sense to limitation in whats happening behind. The auto dimming mirror would be a far more sensible standard with optional bar with rear brake warning light repositioned to the upper portion of the rear windscreen without occluding view.

The HID headlights are awesome, sorry for the snowbaord chat there, but they are. I waited for ages for a NHB 2.2 with the HID headlights as a absolute essential. This is after the TT Xenon's with automatic headlight adustablibity - they make such a MASSIVE difference in night time driving esp in A/B/two lane M roads with poor street/M way lighting. The visibility is simply astounding, and I know I maybe a total sadcase here - but was passing a NHB Civic with HIDs on the M way the other day....and I got really excited...they look as amazing as they are.

Now bar they side ride, my major grip here, which I am sure will be resolved by more practice to know car dimensions....the parking. Jesus! The car is deceptively big and wide! But rear visibility is difficult to assess. The wing mirrors work best dispersed out laterally on each side [ to avoid that horrible blind spot behind the B and C pillar] when riding on the roads etc as a compenstaion for the encroatchment of the rear spolier but the wing mirrors are near useless on parking due to the height of the car.

A neat feature would be [esp in car with Automatic retracing mirrors as standard] a button which automatically dips the mirrors downwards to see the kerb/car accurately. I dunno if I can add PDS at the honda garage but I think this would probably be a factory fitted option, but I would have definately recommended this as other users of the forum have said. The Camera is an excellent idea, but PDS should definately be standard equipement.

The Radio equipment is well upto spec, with the added benifit [Thank you Civinfo!] that I found out that it plays MP3?WMA as standard. Goodbye mundane 14 tracks...hello 170 tracks of my rubbish music collection! ;) The speakers are bassy and the treble although accurate, overproduced especially in the mid higher range [yes I lokve all geeky gadgets including sound!] The Bass is a bit under powered especially as the speakers should be able to handle a deeper roomier sound by their size. Sound is a bit overproduced in the front than the back, not that I care too much as I am not there! The TA info seems to lose/or not pick up all regional broadcasts. The RDM function is welcommed, but why oh why on turning it off do I go back to track 1! The seek time of the CD player is slow on initial seek. But as standard equipment goes it is really excellent and has made my drive to work very enjoyable. In comparision to the TT the 6 CD changer is dwarfed by the mighty MP3/WMA decoding. But the BOSE of the TT offered superior sound. [Obviously....at hundreds of pounds extra! ;)]

Phew...got there...

So overall for the car that I will keep happily for the next couple of years

Happy's : Amazing looks and styling, Interior that batters the pants off not only similar but higher exec cars [BMW anyone - the standard equip stinks, no question] A comfy, roomy space to be without the numb-bum phenomenon on long distance touring. Gadgets Galore! Engine, engine, engine [ if you don't mind diesel idle noise ] Excellent linear performance with enough torque to fool you into thinking your driving a sports car.

Will get used to : The ride. The light steering. The stereo. The parking [maybe] VSA

Disappointed : Torque steer. Poorly implemented VSA on a excellent chassis. Lateral slip on moderate speeds on half to full lock. Rear spoiler visability. Parking Visibility. Limitation of the B/C pillar Blind Space.

So thats it.

My introduction and review so far. You may think I am over critical, but I do LOVE this car. But i LOVE cars! Have driven many both owned by me and others, and this is a very good car.

Things to do...Superchip to up the torque and PS 500 squid, lowered suspension if possible, blue footwell lights [ I am still confused how to do this, but it looks amazing], Tyres to V treads at back and maybe P6800's or V's on te front, Speaker change when I can.

What would be excellent as the car is on the market for longer is a sleek designed front adn rear guard with a pseudo air intact grill [2small on large fishmouth front and the city pack grill at the back]. Thats a tba

Anyways, that enough typing after a twelve hour nightshift!

Thanks for an excellent forum for a man that loves cars with like minded people who love cars as well.

Many Thanks


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Hi Amit, and welcome.
Thanks for the great, informed write-up. I can't see anything to argue with there.
I don't envy you the decision to have to change from the TT to the Civic, especially considering the fun roads that you must drive every day, but I guess the Civic is your best choice in the circumstances.
While I was living in Scotland, I had an Impreza. Luckily, I didn't have to do your mileage, so it was a great fun-mobile. Now I'm living in London, the decision to get a Civic was a lot easier.
My driving is no longer cross-country week-end dashes on fantastic deserted roads, but the bumper-to-bumper commuter grind, with regular trips up the M40 to visit the folks in Worcester. The Civic is ideal for this, and I regularly get 50mpg going to work in comfort.
Anyway, glad you're enjoying the car. Let us know how you get on when it's been chipped, etc

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Well Amit, enjoyed your report on the civic.

Welcome to the forum
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