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My previous car had been a late 2006 Civic 1,8 manual with Comfort trim level (the basic).
Sadly enough, I had a crash on the 22nd December, the results of which can be seen below.

The poor sod didn't notice the red light as he approached the intersection and I didn't have a chance to break... The kid admitted his fault, cops came and helped us fill out all the paperwork and also made us take alcohol tests (both of which were negative).

After briefly visting the emergency room about my right wrist (wasn't holding the wheel with both hands, so here is a bit of advice) I towed to the Honda service.
The Honda dealer I bought it from made a calculation for repairs - 12910euro, but this could have gone higher as they could not see all the parts that could have been damaged.
The cars market value in Estonia is about 15019euro, so the insurance decided not to repair the car and pay me the market value instead.
So there I was, without a car and looking for a new one....
For a period of time I was thinking of getting a new Toyota Auris instead, so I took a couple of testdrives. The car is a bit softer and has its positive sides, but when I went and tried the 2008 version of Civic I-shift (I couldn't be bothered with the gears any more)it didn't take me long to make up my mind.
So here is my new ride: a nighthawk black, 1,8 sport with I-shift.
The car came with original 17" rims and I don't think I am going for any bigger ones.
For winter I am using 16" alloys from my last car (the car was on steel wheels when I crashed it) on Continental ContiVikingContact3 (studless). I will get some pictures when the weather clears up a bit and there is a point in washing my car.

Well, although the new, improved version has a bit better suspension (shocks seem to be a bit thicker) and feels quieter, I will probably do the sound isolation all over again. As for sound system - I am not going to change the speakers, but I will add an active woofer of some sort. Before the summer I am probably also going to get tinted windows and possibly change the grille for a Type-R style. But lets not get carried away, its a pleasure driving it as it is!

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Hello Rasmus!
Sad to hear about your crash and the destiny of your spaceship.
Not to mention all the work you have put into it.(sound insulation, etc)
Now you have to start all over again. [smilie=tongue.gif]
I'm glad to hear there were no injuries.
With those huge damages, the best ting to to was to wreck it, no doubt.
Congratulations on the new(and even better) spaceship, best of luck with it. :cool:

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Something you do not want to go through!
A good thing that you were not injured. The collisions seems to have been quite nasty!
Best of luck with the new car! And the good news is: you have statistically only half as much chance to get involved in an accident again! :p

One thing I noticed: despite the car was severely damaged, the drivers/passengers compartment didn't suffer much from it. The windshield isn't even broken. In other words: good energy-absorption and distribution!


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Hello Rasmus !

I second Amonro in his words. The best thing is that everybody was OK at the end. It's a shame for your car, but I'm sure you will enjoy the new one.



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