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Evening everyone,

Glad to have just beccome a new member.

I've had an early 2007 1.8 EX for exactly 3 years which I use as a second car (particularly during winter) to my Lexus GSF 5L V8 - because of recent fuel prices, using the civic has saved a fortune!. I find the civic amazingly economical for a 1.8 petrol car with 152k miles.

I've recently become re-enthused with the car....having been close to moving it on because of the dreaded water in boot fault. In the end the fix was incredible easy with the use of 'Captain Tolleys' dribbled into the cracks in the seams at the tailgate end of the roof. It's completely solved the issue with very little effort.

The engine is very sweet, as is the manual gearbox, other than it being too easy to miss 5th when changing from 4th because of too little resistance of the reverse gear gate. I quickly adapted, but my wife who only very occasionally used the car struggles a little.

I've got a few relatively minor jobs to get it fully sorted, plus a couple a bit more involved ie. the aircon has never worked since I got it and I've just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire with a fix I've done for the dimmer switch/instrument cluster light flicker problem.

The flickering issue is 90% improved, but I've ended up with the odometer/trip computer LCD display now being completely blank! That just occurred today and it's now top priority to get sorted... especially as the odometer reading can no longer be displayed..

I look forward to engaging and sharing info with you all.
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