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Hi, new on here. Type R picked up today!

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Picked up my Type R today. Love it!:D

My wife picked up her ES 2.2 on Sunday. (In the back ground)


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Great stuff, welcome along:)
didn't know there was a bogof haahha...sorry
belting looking motors.. the blue'ens a beauty!
Welcome along mate.....nice looking cars :)
Thanks guys :)

We asked for bogof, but the salesman just laughed! Even when I suggested he only had to do the cheapest one for free. Worth a try...

Here is the ES 2.2 on Sunday when we picked it up

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Hi & welcome to the forum.:)

Both cars look very nice.:cool:
Hi and welcome hope you both get on with your new motors.
hello & welcome :)

an expensive month so far eh....
Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

2 cars to mod is going to be expensive! Enjoy them. :D
Hello and Welcome :hello:
Welcome mate! Nice, now put the black CTR in the garage until summer so it doesnt get filthy! lol! :)
Thanks for all the welcomes:D

Yes the type R is now in the garage;)


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hello & welcome to the modding madhouse & you will start sooner rather than later ;)
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