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My names Shabz and i'm new to this site. I currently own an Accord diesel exec amongst many other Hondas within the family.
Our Hondas include:
Honda Accord diesel exec 05 plate (My car)
Honda Prelude 2.2vti motegi (fun car)
Honda Civic Coupe EJ6 (Facelift model) (Brothers car)
Honda Civic EP2 (Sisters Car)

I've owned many Hondas previous to this including Accord type r and Civic VTI MB6. Just love Hondas so much :)

Now my sister is in the market for a new car to replace her trusty Almera which we have had for 7+ years.

We are after a Honda Civic Diesel, exec model really with Satnav and leather around 2006+ plate. Wanting to spend around £5.5k. Just wondering if there is any advice/tips people can give. What to look out for etc? Any advice appreciated.

Love the site BTW

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Welcome to the forum, hope you find what your looking for.

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