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Hi all
Thought I'd post in this section of the forum to check any expertise....see my thread in suspension 'rear knocking'.
Basically the rear HID level senser has a short control arm on it (like a drop link) and its worn and knocking. Honda only sell the whole sensor unit at about £250 for part alone, does anyone know where to get aftermarket replacements or a good breakers that might carry one? Or indeed has anyone else managed to find a replacement control arm?

Picture attached.

Many thanks


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I have one I could sell you, in fact judging by the 2nd picture thats the exact one.

Reason I have it is because I was going to retrofit the levelling sensor system onto my non-HID car. However that job is very involved and I've since bought an aftermarket levelling sensor kit that uses a different method of measurement.

I bought it from A1japspares for £75, the metal looks exposed to the elements but the electrical potentiometer is working smoothly.
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