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HKS Europe has just announced the second of their winter promotions. Following on from the success of the service packages, HKS Europe has turned its attention to the FN2 model Honda Civic Type-R. The FN2 Type-R was initially released only in Europe so HKS used its unique position of having a subsidiary in Europe to develop parts locally to become the first of the very few Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturers to support this car.

Since its release in 2007, The FN2 has proven to be a very popular car with many owners enjoying HKS products with great results. Now here is your chance to join the ever increasing family of enthusiasts who are proud to claim that they are “Tuned by HKS”

This promotion centres around the Hipermax III suspension kit for the FN2 Civic. Hipermax III utilises a mono tube design for improved strength, durability and precise control of dampening. With 30 levels of dampening adjustment available at both front and rear, Hipermax III can suit a wide range of driving style and conditions.

Civic Type-R Racing Suction Package:
This package combines the Hipermax III suspension kit with the popular Racing Suction Reloaded intake kit.

Hipermax III £1,566.95+VAT
Racing Suction Reloaded £308.55+VAT

Normal retail price £1875.50+VAT

Making a Saving of £308.55+VAT!!! In effect you get a FREE Racing Suction Reloaded kit when buying the Hipermax III suspension!

Order Code: KIT-AH001

Civic Type-R Premium Suction Service Package:This package combines Hipermax III suspension kit with Premium Suction kit for those who want to gain performance and add some accenting to the engine bay but are not yet ready for the Racing Suction Reloaded kit with its more pronounced engine roar. Also included in this kit are a replacement Hybrid Sports Oil Filter and a set of 4 spark plugs. To finish things off an extra replacement Super Hybrid Filter is also included for your next service.

Hipermax III £1,566.95+VAT
Premium Suction £199.65+VAT
4x Spark Plug (M35-I) £68.20+VAT
Hybrid Sports Oil Filter £16.78+VAT
Super Hybrid Filter £28.60+VAT

Normal retail price £1880.18+VAT

Making a Saving of £313.23+VAT!!! For the price of the Hipermax III suspension, get all the other items FREE!

Order Code: KIT-AH002

Civic Type-R Performance Package:
This package combines Hipermax II suspension with Racing Suction Reloaded intake kit and also adds the HKS Sports Muffler creating a complete tuning package.
Hipermax III £1,566.95+VAT
Racing Suction Reloaded £308.55+VAT
Sports Muffler £785.00+VAT

Normal retail price £2660.50+VAT

Making a Saving of £435.50+VAT!!!

Order Code: KIT-AH003

These packages are available whilst stocks last !!

01797 228934 :) Or PM For more info!!

Cazza :)



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