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We are continuously adding parts to our web shop and would like to make you all aware....

Also can I remind you we have a discount code live 24/7 365 days a year for all CIVINFO members to use as often as you like....
Code is CIV15 - Type this into the promotional code box when you check out....

Our complete HKS web shop section...

HKS Hipermax Suspension Kit Section

HKS Hipermax Suspension Kit Sectionhttp://www.sumopower.com/productsearch/52001-ak

HKS LA Single Plate Clutch Section

HKS LA Twin Plate Clutch Section

HKS V-Belt Section

HKS Timing Belt Section

HKS Camshaft Section

HKS Cam Pulley Section

HKS Exhaust Section

HKS Intake Section

HKS BOV SQV4 Section

HKS Turbo/Intercooler Section

HKS Electronics Section

Please have a look through our web shop to see all the various products available from HKS and all the brands we are proud to represent.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us...
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