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Holdcroft Stoke strikes again.
CRV was booked in for first service, which they need for the day.. booked 3 weeks in advance might add.
To there credit they tried to contact me, but most of my time is abroad due to work. 'they couldn't get through because of international dialling'.
So the Mrs took the car in Wednesday, only to be told there was no car available..

So, she is upset.. one thing after another with these people.
Called one of the sales guys and he was on it right away. Had to rebook the car and as a token gesture has offered his car free to the Mrs to use for the day.
If it wasn't for this guy, I swear Honda would have both my CRV and my Civic back.
the salesman has only offered you "his" car as thats what its there for the salesmans cars are actually demos owned by honda or the dealers themselves
yes they get to take them home and use them but if there off for the day most of them have to be left at the dealers during working hours

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Well well, I am not surprised in the slightest to find a negative thread about Holdcroft Stoke or their stable mates Stuart Graham.
Between them they may well have put me off owning a Honda at all.
This will be a long post but symptomatic of the poor after sales service offered by this company.

August 2016 - I had my FN2 Type-r on finance but was struggling with the running costs due to a change of circumstances. I saw that Stuart Graham had a 2010 2.2 cdti in so went to look at it.
The car had gone when I got there but the Sales team told me that they had a 2012 2.2 i-Dtec EX coming in that I might like and they could do it for pretty much the same monthly cost.
I ended up accepting this and agreed to pick the car up a few days later, on 1st Sept when it was ready.
When I came to exchange cars I could see my new on at the far end of the car park and a girl was stood next to my front, drivers side wheel, looking sheepish. I didn't think anything of it.
Fast forward a few days and a tyre deflation warning came up as I was on a long journey and, yes, it was that tyre. I pulled over at a garage who spent ages checking over the tyre but couldn't find any punctures. They suggested that they try changing the valve to see if that worked, which it did.
This may seem a minor thing but it left a bitter taste because I'm in little doubt that SG knew about the air leak and just put some air in the tyre so that it would last long enough for me to take it away.

Anyway, one year later, September 2017 and I took my Civic to Holdcroft Stoke on a Saturday morning for a service. It's my nearest main dealer and I didn't mind dropping it off as I could walk into town, get some breakfast and have a browse around. I won't mention names but I told Advisor 1 that:

  • My air con had stopped working, I'd had it re-gassed and it has stopped again
  • There was a clicking sound and feedback through my steering wheel when turning at low speeds.
When I collected the car, Advisor 1 told me that their was a fault with the AC condenser and it would need to be replaced, however, he'd already called Honda and they had agreed to do the work under warranty. No problem with that at all. He said that the part would be there by Tuesday so I booked Wednesday off work to take it in again.

As for the clicking, he agreed that the technicians could hear / feel the same thing so they would investigate more thoroughly on the Wednesday.

I dropped my car off first thing and spoke to a different person this time, Advisor 2. I explained that I was having my air con fixed and he quickly pulled out the paperwork and said he would give me a call when it was sorted. I naively assumed that the exact nature of the work would be on the paperwork and / or in their system.
Just before 1pm, Advisor 2 called me to say that my car was ready but we just needed a quick chat.
I headed back to the garage and sat down, where he told me that they had found out what was wrong with the air con, it was the condenser unit. I would need a new one and it would cost X amount to replace!
Obviously I explained that this had already been done on the Saturday, a part had been ordered and I was here to get the work done.
He looked down at the paperwork, then at his PC monitor and, unapologetically said, "Well there are no condenser units in stock".
As he said that Advisor 1 returned from his break and confirmed that he'd booked me in to have that work done.
Between them they proceeded to push blame onto the Parts department, which I found massively unprofessional.
"What about the clicking when steering?", I asked.
Advisor 2 paused for a moment then told me that they'd taken the car out for a road test and couldn't hear anything. I explained that they had been able to hear it on Saturday and it happens every time I get into the car but he just repeated himself.
I was not happy and I complained that I'd used up a days holiday to be there and the car was in exactly the same state as when I'd dropped it off four hours ago. They'd done nothing!
Only then did Advisor 2 make a weak apology and offered to collect pick the car up from my place of work the following Monday, making it sound like they were doing me a favour.

My car was collected, as promised and taken to Holdcroft.
A couple of hours later I received a call from Advisor 2 who said that my condenser had arrived... however the clips to install it had not, so they couldn't do the job!
I didn't even have the energy to complain, this was just so farcical . We agreed to try again on the Wednesday.

My car was, again picked up, taken to Holdcroft and the air con was fixed.
They dropped my keys off at Reception and left no messages whatsoever. The clicking is still there when I steer.

I'd had enough and wrote a letter to Honda (the main customer services, not Holdcroft), telling them the full story and complaining about the service.
In short, their response was very dismissive, apologising but saying that they've spoken to Holdcroft and been reassured that the air con is all sorted now.

I am in no doubt, whatsoever that Holdcroft know exactly why my steering is clicking (now clunking) but didn't want to do another job under warranty so just turned a blind eye.

As others have said, the Sales team seem pretty decent, both at Stuart Graham and Holdcroft Stoke but the Service department is awful.

Insult to injury... I had my bonnet up recently to replace headlight bulbs and found that two of the plastic caps on my air con pipes are missing.
They were there before Holdcroft got their hands on it!

Do Honda know what poor service Holdcroft are providing? Do they care? I expected more from Honda.

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Oh I'm not done with them yet.. the squeaky clutch pedal on the CRV has come back with a vengeance.. so it's going back again.. other little annoying issues with the car that need putting right, which Holdcroft state they will put right. The only concern like the previous chap has stated, is that they seem to be in the habit of "bodge" fixing rather than doing the job properly..
I certainly won't be buying another Honda from them... Will keep the civic though... love that car & find someone else to service it..
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