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Honda 2.2EX and many years of enjoyment!

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My 2.2EX 8th Gen purchased early in 2008 has proved to be a truly spectacular vehicle.
InitialIy I planned to keep it for a max of 5 years. That 'deadline' came and went, as did the next 5 years also totally trouble-free and had only required change of basic consumables i.e. 1 set of replacement tyres/1 set front brake pads and several changes of wiper blades. Now 14years old and another set of tyres, it's still immaculate and trouble-free, always garaged overnight and regularly maintained by my local Honda dealer with fully stamped-up service history. Still a joy to drive like the day I purchased it, which says a lot for Honda and I guess how I've looked after it.
I've had other enjoyable 'performance' cars including Triumph TR4, Austin Healey, MGC, 2 Lotus Europe's, Alfa Romeos (Bertone GTV; AlfaSud; Alfa 33; 2litre Spider) but none have come anywhere close in terms or reliability - and that particular attribute and driving pleasure are high on my list of priorities for a change of vehicle in 2023.
Although I still love my Civic I feel it's time to renew - from turbo diesel to something more environmentally friendly & economical - but still has to be an enjoyable driver experience. After a great deal of research I've ruled out an all-electric vehicle, and have decided on a hybrid version. Based on reliability experience so far and also with 2 other earlier Civic models whilst working in Asia, I'm pretty sure it will have to be another Honda. And I'm currently looking very closely at the new 11th Gen Civic e-HEV 'Advance'.
Just for info HERE were photos of my 8th Gen when new.
And now........
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Why not the 2.2 Mk 9 it's a great vehicle
Assuming you have a 2.2 Mk9 I'm pleased you're happy with it. When it was released I could see no major reason to change from my 8Gen.
In fact 4-5 years ago I was contacted by my local dealer here in SW France saying that they had the 10Gen in stock and would I like to test drive it. I did, and liked it - especially for the performance from the relatively small petrol engine, and remarked that the suspension setup was way ahead more comfortable than my 8Gen. The change in body styling was a refreshing change but not particularly to my liking, ditto for the dash and driving controls which imho appeared a little 'cheap' and less substantial to what I was used to with my earlier model. However it was really enjoyable to drive with several technological improvements over mine. One thing for sure it certainly lacked the torque I was so used to (and love). Decided it wasn't for me and so far no regrets whatsoever as mine has been a brilliant road warrior - and what a great engine too that 2.2 turbo diesel!
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@PhilipFollop I see your has the City Pack fitted. Did you order it that way?
When I ordered mine in May 2008 it was simply marketed as '2.2-i-CTDi Executive Navi Cuir(Leather)'. I have the brochure and all specs in front of me and there were no additional options listed as that particular model in France had everything included. Well I say "everything" - at that time reversing rear view cameras were in their infancy on European production vehicles, and the salesman certainly made no mention that Honda had an aftermarket camera specifically for installation in the 8Gen. If he had I would have ordered it. I was so intent in negotiating the best possible deal on the vehicle, especially as I had no part exchange to bother them with and had full funds available for the purchase. As it turned out I negotiated a good deal including 5 year warranty.
Nice! How many miles have you done in it? I've had mine 11 years now and it's been a proper work horse
Good to hear you're pleased with yours. :)
I've done a total of 109k/klm (almost 68k miles) in 14years.
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