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I've had the Accord now for almost three weeks and have covered 600 miles so here are my initial impressions.

Exterior - very stylish but understated. Looks long and mean in cobalt blue livery. The HID headlights don't seem as effective as on my previous CRV or current Impreza. The electric tailgate is a useful toy. The car has stayed reasonably clean in a mixture of weather though the rear is very dirty.

Interior - fantastic in my opinion. Reviews complain about its plethora of buttons but to me they are excellent. The only minor niggle is that the Map button on the sat nav seems to be on the wrong side, when switching from audio. The electric seats are an absolute joy in terms of comfort and quality. And the audio - the best I've ever experienced in 25 years of driving. Brilliant in both the front and rear. The reversing camera is excellent - though it does project part of the reg plate, which it didn't do in the CRV. The quality of the plastics is without equal- as Clarkson said it seems to be hewn from a Scottish mountain. There are indeed no hollow sounds when tapping the dash.

Ride and handling - softer than I expected but wonderful. The Accord handles
expertly and the slick gearchange is a joy to use. Acceleration is crisp, particularly in lower gears. Overtaking is a breeze. There are no suspension creaks, that I experienced in two civics.

Boot - massive. It happily swallows luggage and a neat touch is the built in cargo net. It does lug more than the CRV, which surprised us. I also like the underfloor area.

Fuel economy - trip B is showing 36.9 mpg, which is about what I expected in mainly urban motoring. On a 100 mile round trip, it showed 40 mpg which is pleasing. We are low mileage drivers so 38ish mpg will be fine

Verdict - 10 out of 10. I am a serial car changer but genuinely believe that
Honda have hooked me for several years with this exceptional car. :eek:
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