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There's a lot of talk on this forum about putting winter tyres on non-standard sized wheels, typically smaller radius and narrower. I myself am considering mounting 205/50 R17 wheels/tyres on my Type R (225/45 R18 standard). Went to my local Honda dealer this monring to place an order for the wheels, but they tell me they first have to "run it by Honda" to make sure this size is "approved" ("homologué" in French) for my FN2.

So what gives? I see a lot of people here putting 16 inch wheels for winter on their FN2s. Is this approved by Honda, at least in the UK? Any reason it would be different in other countries? Or is it that people don't care about having "Honda approved" sized wheels?

Any idea about the real consequences of using non-Honda approved wheels? No insurance coverage if I have an accident? Will it void my 3-year Honda guarantee?

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std sizes for a spaceship are:
225/40 r18 -type-r
225/45 r17- higher spec models
205/55 r16- steels and lower spec alloys

my 1.8 ex has 17s as std and steel 16s for winter
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Probably because 205/50 R17 isn't in the Civic parts range. 205/55 R16 or 225/45 R17 would be OK, I assume.
In Scandinavia all Civics come with both Summer and Winter shoes ...

The official Winter size is : 205 x 55 x R16 tyres, on 16" x 7J wheels ...
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