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Hoping someone out there might be able to help. I am having problems with my ’06 Honda Civic 2.2CDTi.
The original problem was the car was running on 3 cylinders, but it still started and ran every time. The computer was showing short circuit on number 4 cylinder. I left the car off the road for about a month before buying and fitting a replacement (used) injector. I did not try to start the car before fitting the injector. After the injector was fitted I went to start the car and it turned over but would not start at all. The diesel system was carefully bled. I then replaced the original injector and the car still would not start.
The car does not show any electrical faults on the diagnostic system.
I then suspected low fuel pressure so tried fitting a replacement high pressure pump complete with pressure regulator valve, this made no difference.
I also suspected the valve on the common rail might be stuck open, I removed the outlet pipe from this and there is no diesel coming through so I assume it must be functioning correctly.
In a last ditch attempt to draw fuel through I used a whole can of easystart into the air intake. The car fired on the easystart but as soon as I stopped spraying the car stopped again.
I have read about a number of similar problems on these forums but nothing exactly the same. Does anyone have any idea what to try next. I am reluctant to take the car to Honda as it isn’t worth a lot and this would likely be expensive.
Thanks in advance,

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You mention a computer... Is it able to give you real-time fuel rail pressure? It has to reach 200 bar/20MPa while cranking, if it doesn't reach that figure then the ECU won't let the injectors operate. You've ruled out the rail over-pressure valve leaking, but one or more injectors with excessive fuel leak-back can also result in the fuel rail failing to reach the minimum figure. Do you know how to perform an injector leak-back test?

Was the replacement injector coded to the ECU?
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