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Honda Civic 2007 Review

After a week or to and some 1000Km done. Dont now if this helps, but i want to say how the car feels to me.

Civic 2007 1.8 Sport.Executive. Glass-Roof,Navi,bluetooth, Xenon, dual-clima.
And Vin= a 2007 model
Winter-tires 205-55-16 on car.
Dont now if it helps. But a lot less tires/ road novice vs 2005/6 model.

- - - -
The bad:
Nordic= cant have Leather... stupid.

Swindon have to many pubs.

Ecu: Still something weird at 2200+ rmp. Like a little lag - Not smooth. Can be the petrol i use

95 oct. But ecu needs a update.

Dash/ doors is scratched easy. Velvet and dust shows.

Radio ok, but rds is changing to slow or not at all. descent - cheap speakers.

Tire -car sensitive to air-pressure: Got only 1-label at door: 30F - 30R
Thats allot lower then what i have read here.

Had to do it several times to get the right pressure.But now it feels moore even on bad roads.
Cambers bad? - Check tire- pressure.

Stearing better now, less sensitive or aim getting used to it. I like it allot.

About paint: Orange peal all over the car, but shiny.It still looks great. Other cars have it to.
Keeping a good distance to cars in front helps, don't have any chips yet.

- - - -
The Good:

I love the seats, can drive 2.hr+ and still feeling fresh
Love all the toys. Well worth it. Hid and Navi+ and the voice control is heaven or pain :)

Less tire/road noise - on 2007 model. They put on more sound deadening?

Ecu= Softer. better in 1-2 gear - driving slow. Clutch smooth.
Feels less aggressive. Slower w/ wot, but better.
Its softer and smother.
Better in traffic @ 1-2 Gear- no jerking = easy 2 drive slow.

Suspension is middel hard and not that bad ,vs a Focus with multi link.
The Civic have a cheaper suspension. Funny that it feels better then Focus-Golf.

Huge boot.
Roomy at back seats. -leg room

Cheap to run (petrol)

No rattles in interior.
Its relay is a comfy drive. Can hear the motor, but its ok.

The Civic feels like a driver's car... it loves to corner. And wants more..

I have tested/ demoed: 4 Civic 1.8 and one 1.4
And: Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Golf SportLine, Audi GolfBack, Opel Astra, Citroen C4,Bmw 1

Why the Civic then? Well the rest is kinda boring after driving the new Civic.

I don't now why, but the car feels so sorted/ all in one car.
And the more i drive it, the better it feels.

The car have something...
Like i try to find the longest way home. Don't want to park it.

-Like the car- Yes
-Having it a long time- Yes
-Recommend car- Yes
-Honda to close the pubs in Swindon- Yes - Well this one is all good

Note... cant say that the 2007 Civic is any better than the 2005- 2006.
But it feels like that.

Dont now if i love the dealer:
Have a problem with a scratched dash. Talked to dealers allot and looks like they will fix it.
I hope so. Anyway love the car.

Looks like Honda has a after market problem, but they used to be great on fixing problems. That

was the good thing about Honda. Quality and no problem with things that was bugging you.
They had the best service.

Forgot the Htf/ Bluetooth Hands free.
It is excellent, sound is great- the one i talked to didn't hear that was on a hands-free.
Using a Nokia N73 and a Samsung D900. It stays connected.

Had a hard time getting it/me to understand how to add numbers in the phone book. 0 is a pain.

Navi: Have a 2007.Dvd - Some more poi's vs 2005. Works fast re-calculating. haven't tested much.

Also no problems with fuel-cap. 4th fill and feels like it not going to be stuck.

Had a drive at dark tonight (b-road no street light) and the lights sooo great.
Xenon/Hid helps allot - driving lights (wide) shows the side off the road - and full beam is bright and goes fare.
I never had an easier time driving on an dark road.
A friend of mine was following behind me in another car, and he was talking about that my lights was helping him see the road ahead. He was like - i want it on my car.

Headlight washer is working every time when using windshield washer. Better if its only the 3-4 time on the lights.


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Norwegian DVD POI's and Xenon Lights


Nice to see another norwegian at this site! :D

I have some questions (for Shakey or any other norwegians - or anyone who can answer;) ):

1. You mention that the 2007 Nav-DVD have more POI's than the 2005 DVD. Does this count for Norway too? Because the POI's for Norway on the 2005 DVD is quite poor.

2. About your Xenon lights: Do the lights turn automatically on when the switch is in the "OFF" position. I have to have the switch in "AUTO or ON" and the dealer has blended the light sensor on the front screen. This make the light sensor inactive and I have to ajust the dashboard lights all the time.

The dealer said that the cars with Xenon light did not have automatically lights when the switch was "OFF". I tried a 1.8 Sport before I bought my 1.8 Executive and this one had the light turned on even if it was in "OFF" position. Then the "AUTO" worked as it should!

PS! For those of you living outside Norway: Norwegian laws says that any vehicle shall have lights lit all the day - day or night! Believe this count for all the Scandinavian counties... and some more maybe?


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Headlight washer is working every time when using windshield washer. Better if its only the 3-4 time on the lights.

headlights washer works only when the lights are on.so turn lights off if you dont want to use them!

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Headlight washer is working every time when using windshield washer. Better if its only the 3-4 time on the lights.

headlights washer works only when the lights are on.so turn lights off if you dont want to use them!
There is a little problem with this: Since we have to drive with lights on all the time, the swith is set to "Auto" (In my car). Then is I forget this and just want a little wash on my windscreen - I SPRAY ALL THE FRONT!

I use to solve this by just set the switch to "Park"+"fog" and then du a wash.

And even worst: In winter time the front is covered with much snow and ice. I am afraid I will destroy the washers since they are stuck/frozen. :rolleyes:
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