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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help!!!!!!

The car was off for several weeks during the lead up to Christmas and after recharging the battery I then placed it back in the car and the key fob would not unlock the car, however the key does unlock it but the alarms goes off and does not stop.

I took the car to Honda who have told me they are unable to reprogram the fob as the body computer will not connect to their equipment

They also attempted to recode the key but this also failed. I can lock the car with the key and all the lights flash as if you were using the fob but as soon as you use the key to reopen the car the alarm goes off again

They are quoting me £270 for a new key and program but say it probably won't work and it seems like it's more internal

Has anyone got any idea of how I can get around this? Whether I can try other things first

Thanks in advance
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