Mileage:133000 M
Honda Civic Type S GT FN3 2.2 CDTi
133k but will rise. MOT until June, last 3 MOTs have been all clear. £4850, strong price I know but its set to hopefully stop the £3k low ballers.

• Engine and gearbox in great running order. Remapped to 185bhp and which is a safe map for these clutches to take. This was done prior to my ownership and I have a copy of the printout I can show. Could be a litlle bit more now the exhaust is on but never checked.
• Clutch is still spot on so no worries there.
• Pipercross foam air filter as induction kits actually hinder performance on these.
• Decat exhaust so it sounds amazing when accelerating and gives the 'coo' noise when letting off. Nice and quiet on idle too.
• Sat on Yellowspeed 32 way adjustable coilovers and top mounts sat in tegiwa socks with 20mm spacers all round. Rides great, handles well and has a good stance to it.
• Upgraded Type R front brakes. Had fresh, upgraded discs and pads all round end of September.
• Consistently achives 45-50mpg and with the remap has great get up and go.

• Factory orange and factory GP kit, so a fairly rare combination.
• Mugen rep spoiler.
• Full Maxton kit. Only had the splitter when I bought it, really looks the part now.
• Painted standard alloys.
• Solarplexius rear tints.
• Genuine Type R rear lights, just needs the fog light fitting into the inner section though for next MOT.
• Type R gear surround and cubby with weighted carbon gear knob.
• Retrimmed steering wheel.
• LED converted front lights.
• That fog light guy fog light covers.
• Tow strap and tow bar.
• Team Heko wind deflectors.
• Wiring for sub and amp into the false boot floor.

Bad points, unfortunately it does have some.
Prior to my ownership.
• Stone chips and little dings here and there as its 14 years old.
• Some of alloys have some curb rash, although I have gone over them with a touch up pen now.
• Some of the colour on the front bumper has come off in a little section.
• Little bit of damage on the rear bumper.
• Front passenger arch cover was coming off (common issue if removed before as tabs can snap).
During my ownership
• Brakes work perfectly but make a 'noise' when breaking from around 60 to 40, it's hard to describe so best you hear for yourself. Never had these discs and pads before so could be because of the style of them 🤷‍♂️ although that seems to be dissipating now.
• Came out of aldi to the front drivers arch hanging off and the splitter and part of the front bumper cracked. Looks like someone has caught it but there is no damage to the wing 😡
• Arch covers and lower bumper are cabled tied on until I could get round to fixing them properly. Full JDM credit for the cable ties now though 😉😂
Still takes a great photo though!

Common boot leak issue has been resolved. Got some parts that will come with the car like some spare rear lights from the swap and original honda tyre pump etc.

Car really is great and hasn't missed a beat. Took me, the Mrs and around 160kg of camping gear 1100 miles to Germany and back for a festival and never had an issue. I will be sad to see it go but ive seen something I want and this needs to make room for it.