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Honda is launching a hybrid variant of its CR-V for the first time; it is also ditching diesel from the rangeHonda will launch a hybrid version of its CR-V SUV next year as part of a new line-up for the model.

Showing at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show, the CR-V Hybrid Prototype is a precursor to the production model that will go on sale in mid-2018.

The Hybrid Prototype also shows the new styling of the broader CR-V line-up for the first time in Europe.*

The fifth-generation CR-V, which rivals the Volkswagen Tiguan, will first go on sale with Honda’s 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo petrol engine with a six-speed manual or CVT transmission. The hybrid powertrain will be introduced later.*

Honda has ditched a diesel engine option for the model in Europe, explaining that the move was because the focus of its "R+D activity, investment and expertise is away from diesel and towards electrification. The first example of which is the launch of new CR-V".

It added: "From this point onwards, all new Honda models launched in Europe will feature electrified technology."

The new hybrid has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors – one electric propulsion motor and one electric generator motor - fitted with a single fixed-gear ratio, all of which Honda said creates “a seamless feeling of power and torque”. No power figures have yet been provided.

It uses a system called Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive. This, Honda claims, determines how to use fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way, meaning drivers do not need to adjust between the three driving modes: EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.*

The new CR-V is wider, taller and longer than the previous version. It has thinner A-pillars and a larger wheel and tyre combination. There are also sharper contours on the bonnet and rear quarters, and the nose adopts the latest Honda family look with its signature headlight graphic.*

No pricing has been announced. The outgoing entry-level petrol CR-V costs £23,475. We expect the new model to be slightly more expensive, with an additional premium for the hybrid variant.*

Honda has previously sold two hybrid models in the UK: the Insight and the CR-Z, neither of which are still on sale. The CR-V Hybrid is the first time the manufacturer has offered a hybrid in an SUV.*

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