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HEM#1 in a few words ... ;)
First one : [HEM#1 NL] Honda Euro Meet # 1 /// CR p16 / Magasine NL p23! - Forum auto Japan Car
Place : The Netherlands (at Fullcartuning)
Date : 25th July 2010
We got more than 300 cars from France, Holland, Belgium, Swiss, Germany, UK ...
pictures :
HEM #1 (1st part) | Facebook
HEM #1 (2nd part) | Facebook
HEM #1 (3rd part) | Facebook

About HEM#2 :
Place : Circuit de Clastres in France Circuit-Clastres - pilotage automobile sur circuit - conduite en GT, monoplaces, motos et side-cars
Dates : 20th/21st of August 2011 (from Saturday morning to Sunday evening)

There will be a lot of people present from various countries at the meet as it is already advertised in France, UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain ... ;)

Shops and sponsors
Fullcartuning (Full Car Tuning - De site voor al uw tuning onderdelen - tuning styling fct) will be there with the shop and amazing prices
FC-racing (FC-Racing - FC-Racing) managing the track sessions
Type-Max bringing their dyno for dyno runs
Topworksfactory Design
Endless Horizon Motorsport (- Home)
Rutil Car to clean you car

Autoworks French Magazine Autoworks Magazine

On site camping with toilets and showers available

About the activities :

The track is around 2km ;)

Track sessions

1/2 Day : €65
1 Day : €100
2 Days : €140
Discovery of ~20mins : €20

As you can see in the picture, there is enough place to park a lot of cars and the picture only shows a small part of the venue.
(i'll post more pictures in the few days)

The days will be managed so that the people who have payed to race do not have to wait a long time to get on track.
-If there is places left and you decide you want to run your car on the track on the day, the price will be €15 extra
-€10 per additional driver
-Maximum number of cars per day : 40

Program for the track :
9h - 10h : track session
10h - 10h30 : discovery session
10h30 - 12h : track session
12h - 13h30 : lunch time
13h30 - 15h : track session
15h - 15h30 : discovery session
15h30 - 17h30 : track session

Dyno Runs
Price for a Dyno : €50 with a dyno printout sheet

Cleaning and detailing
prices :
this price includes :
cleaning of the wheels
hand washed
cleaning of the tires
outside windows cleaned

-€12 : engine cleaning

for the track users
-€1 : tire pressure
-€9 : cleaning of the tarmac dust and tire dust

Cleaning products will be available to buy as well.

There will be an entrance fee (the entrance fee is included for people using the track ;) )
1 day : €10
2 days : €15
There will be a possibility to pay before the meet ;)
With the entrance fee you will receive a sticker and goody bag

For any questions please e-mail [email protected]
i'm open to all the critics and propositions, don't hesitate to tell me ;)
Website : Hostnet: No1 in domeinnaam registreren en hosting UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Join Honda Euro Meet page on Facebook : Log in | Facebook
Join Honda Euro Meet event on Facebook : Welcome to Facebook

Please do not copy and paste this event on other forums, we (the staff) prefer to monitor this topic, then we can edit it when there is updates.
Don't hesitate to tell me where you want the event to be posted, then i can register and do it ;)

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I've sent a pm to jor-don asking for some more info & I've pm'd R555 to get him to come.

Im liking the idea of 10-15 8th gens in convoy to France

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As with most things I can never confirm until much closer to the time, and to be honest with all that is going on at the minute I suspect I will be in the middle of moving house then. But wait and see - I think this will be awesome! :popcorn:

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Too early to confirm anything but I would be interested

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Right then you 'orrible lot, I had a chat on Facebook last night with the organiser Adrien Brab's Tignon.

This is a goer and we should now start looking into getting it organised on our part if you want to road trip to france for a two day event.

We have our forum on the official site HERE so we can't let our European friends down!

I'm all over this like a cheap suit so who else is coming?

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This date is potentially free for me which is good news. There is one job that week which I'm hoping to dodge! Now have the largest hurdle, which is convincing the wife!!

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It would need to be closer to 'glamping' to keep her sweet! But the promise of vino will entice her I'm sure... :)
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