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Hi there !

First of all, please read the following information before asking any questions :
- This thread will be updated regularly, so stay tuned
- If you have a question, please send me an email rather than an PM ( otherwise it’ll explode ! ) [email protected]
- You are welcome to share this thread on another forum, but please let met know so I can warn you when I update it !

Okay ! As you may probably know, the first edition of the HEM took place in the Netherlands @ FullCarTunings shop (Full Car Tuning - Europe's premium automotive tuning and styling wholesale, the latest tuning, styling and performance parts for all makes and models. - tuning styling fct)
We were able to reach an impressive 300 cars from all over Europe… This was during summer 2010.
[HEM#1 NL] Honda Euro Meet # 1 /// CR p16 / Magasine NL p23! - Forum auto Japan Car
The second edition took place last summer @ the Clastres race track, and this time there were 400 cars, various activities ( track of course, dyno, etc … ) and some shops were there !
[HEM#2] Honda Euro Meet #2, Clastres (02), 20-21 Aout 2011 - Forum auto Japan Car

The Facebook event was created a month ago, and already has over 300 confirmed participants ! Honda Euro Meet #3 , HEM#3 | Facebook
The event will be posted on many French forums, and also European and international forums ! ( one never knows big grin )
Please join us on our facebook page :
Honda Euro Meet | Facebook

Dates : 18 19 August 2012
Location : Clastres track, 02440

Shops and partners ( will be updated )
Magazines ( will be updated )
You’ll be able to camp within the sites boundaries, and have access to showers and toilets.
There will be food and drinks available : Saturday lunch/dinner, Sunday breakfast/lunch ( ice cream van, granitas…
There’ll even be an Ice-cream van from Saturday lunch to Sunday afternoon !!

Entry Fees :

As it was last year, there will be an entry fee, to avoid attracting the eternal trouble markers...
1 day : 15€
2 days : 25€
We will ask you to pay for both days ( for those arriving Friday evening or Saturday ).
If you leave Saturday before 7PM, we will give you back 10€.
If you’ve book a hotel or are sleeping outside the track gates, we insist on the fact that you need to keep you bracelet, you’ll need it to get back in !
Friday :
The gates will be open on the 17th August, from 7 to 10PM, if you arrive after 10, you’ll have to wait outside.
If you arrive Friday, the entrance will be 30€ ( as you’ll spend 2 nights on site ). If you leave Saturday before 7PM, you’ll get 10€ back.
Saturday :
The gates will be open from 7AM ( we strongly recommend those going on the track to arrive Friday evening or Saturday @ 7AM ).
Gates will close @ 7PM, they will then be opened each hour until 11PM.
For those arriving Saturday evening, the entrance will be 20€ ( as you’ll spend two nights on site ).
Sunday :
The gates will open @ 7AM


Track Fees :
½ day : 65€
1 day : 100€
2 days : 150
1 session ( about 20mins ): 20€
additional fees :
If you sign-up 15days before the HEM : 20€
Additional pilot : 10€
Track drivers sign-up @ [email protected]

Meet Bikes
This year, you’ll be able to participate in a Meetbike competition !

[Honda Euro Meet] MeetBikes Contest - Forum auto Japan Car

Get your tools out, and switch your brain on, and build a superb meetbike !
Please refer to the topic here-above for the rules and regulations.

There will be other activities, but you’ll have to come and see for yourselves !

Spread the word, and bring as many people as you can !

Adrien and the HEM Team
ps : for any other questions : [email protected]
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