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Honda's fuel cell project. Wonder if we'll see these engine in future Civics?
The FCX itself looks dull, but as long as they get the engine working properly and efficiently...

The following is from www.finalgear.com by SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!!

Next week on Fifth Gear:
Meanwhile, Tom reports from a remote island off the south coast of Japan about the car of the future. Yakushima Island has been used for two years by Honda to test the FCX – a car that runs on hydrogen, and whose only emission is water. This island is motoring’s Jurassic Park – it’s basically a huge lump of rock populated by 7,000-year-old trees and some inquisitive monkeys. However, the range of extreme weather it experiences makes it ideal for developing a car. Tom files the first-ever TV road-test of this experimental road car, which is worth £1 million.
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