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HONDA Jazz Recall

Headlights may not illuminate correctly

HONDA announced a problem with the Jazz affecting a total of 136,329 vehicles.

Due to the layout of the lighting switch wiring harness, the low beam headlight circuit can be pulled tighter than other wires. After repeated use of the headlight switch, the low beam terminal can become worn and poor electrical continuity may result from an accumulation of copper oxide. In some cases the poor continuity the poor continuity or melted terminal ends will cause the wiring harness terminal ends to melt. Poor continuity or melted terminal ends will cause the low beam head lights to become inoperative, increasing the risk of accident. Vehicles built from 22/10/2001 to 24/7/2008 are at risk.

The following remedial action is necessary to address this problem. The dealer will inspect the low beam terminal, if the terminal shows signs of melting the lighting switch and low beam terminal harness will be replaced. If the terminal is not melted the low beam terminal harness will be replaced.

Vehicles with the following identification numbers are affected:

JHMGD5***3S200004 to JHMGD5***3S210242
JHMGD5***4S200001 to JHMGD5***4S212382
JHMGD1***7S200230 to JHMGD1***7S234493
JHMGD5***5S200002 to JHMGD5***5S237852
JHMGD1***3S201849 to JHMGD1***3S249242
JHMGD1***6S200001 to JHMGD1***6S248083
JHMGD1***4S200008 to JHMGD1***4S247249
JHMGD5***8S200001 to JHMGD5***8S202905
JHMGD5***2S200009 to JHMGD5***2S215052
JHMGD5***7S200001 to JHMGD5***7S208252
JHMGD1***5S200004 to JHMGD1***5S293283
JHMGD1***8S200001 to JHMGD1***8S219455
JHMGD1***2S200193 to JHMGD1***2S253068
JHMGD5***6S200001 to JHMGD5***6S213236

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