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Hi - newbie to this forum so this is my first post!

Looking to ask the following - I have a second generation Jazz (S reg) and the interior lights seem now not to come on when unlocking the car from remote etc. Upon looking in the owner’s manual it suggest interior lights can have 3 settings - On/Off/Auto - auto being when the car locks/door is activated and I think a time delay of 30 seconds until lights dim\switch off.

The actual lights work when I manually push the them when setting inside the car.

So my question is how do I re-enable the auto setting for the interior lights? The does not seem to be a switch at the lights other than you push them to turn on and push them to turn off.

This has worked in the past so I am not sure what has changed - the car has been in for a service recently but I do not think the car battery was removed or anything drastic like that.

Am I being really dumb? Help!
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