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How I got a free engine flush from Evans Halshaw *sarcasm*

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So when i bought my car i didn't go to a Honda dealer, I went to Evans Halshaw.
During the sale, i bought a service package. Which is basically 2 services. It worked out ok on the price.

Since in cornwall the nearest Evans Halshaw is nearly 50 miles away from me i though i'd do the service a few months early while i was up in sheffield visiting the parents.

So i went down today after booking it in.
Waited around for 3 hours while it was getting done. Had a look round at some of the cars, saw a nice civic there with lovely half leather seats :popcorn: nomnomnom.

So after many cups of tea the guy comes to get me saying its ready.

We go through the ins and out of the service, after he's finished i asked him what oil has been put in.

He replies ''5w30 semi synthetic'' , I asked him 3 times if he was sure.
So at the time having my suspicions but not actually knowing that it was supposed to be fully synthetic i drove home. The first thing i did was boot up my laptop and come on here, i've always topped up with fully synth.
Found the info out and was on the phone straight away.
The guy said it was the right oil according to their book. anyhow they called honda to confirm.......
apparently honda recommend 5w30....
BUT not SEMI synthetic i quickly pointed out.
he said something to his boss and they told me to bring it back in and they'd change it.
So arrive and the car is straight in. Oil dropped and i'm on my way with half hour.

About a 10 mile round trip so the oil was well washed around the engine.

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Any you saw them physically drop the oil and physically put fully synthetic back in?
damm this is why i always check on forums / handbook buy parts and give to monkeys at dealer to install for me :D
This is why i buy my own oil and supply it since its out of warrenty anyway
This is why on every thread that pops up pointing out the uselessness of MOST(see that i am not saying all) dealers i always reply thus.

never take your car to a dealer unless you want half a job done.
Unfortunately I have to use Honda for my servicing.
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