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Relatively easy job if you have a good trolley jack to raise and lower the car.
You will need:
17 mm socket
3/8" square drive bit
1.4ish litres of Honda MTF3 transmission fluid. (I haven't found the spec to suggest an alternative, but the Honda fluid from Cox Motors was cheaper than I could get elsewhere anyway
Oil drain pan
Funnel with hose (about 500 mm)
Selection of socket extensions
Wrench or impact driver
Torque wrench.
Loads of paper towels, rags etc.
20 and 14 mm aluminium sump washers (Cox motors do the pair as a service part).

The car needs to be level when you refill so consider where you do this. My drive is on a slope so I had to jack up the car a bit and use a small spirit level on the sill to check.

1) loosen the left hand wheel nuts, jack up, support and remove the wheel.

2) carefully pry out the two plastic peg fixings on the dirt shield inside the wheel arch. This makes access much easier and avoids the need to remove the engine service cover or the full under shield. Pull it down and you should now see the two plugs you need to undo. The drain plug is just below the inner CV joint, the fill plug is just behind the inner CV joint.

3) undo the fill plug with a 17 mm socket. It's reasonably tight with limited space so an impact driver makes the job easier and saves your knuckles.

4) the main problem with this job is how to drain the fluid without getting it everywhere. I opted to drill a 20 mm hole in sightly the wrong place through the plastic under car shield. I also put an absorbent sheet in slightly the wrong place under the car. Then put the oil drain pan under the drain plug. Don't worry, it's important to lubricate your driveway.

5) use the 3/8" square bit and an extension bar to loosen the drain plug. Don't undo it yet. Note you could possibly get away with just using the 3/8" end of an extension bar, but the fit isn't quite as good. I didn't fancy the risk of rounding the plug and having to lift the engine to repair!

6) slowly undo the plug and let oil drain. Reposition drain pan in the correct place. Eventually remove plug altogether. Have cup of tea while it drains. Mine took about 15 minutes to stop dripping.

7) wipe round the drain plug hole, replace the plug washer, refit the plug and torque to 39 NM.

8) clean round the filler hole. Clean plug and replace the washer.

9) for the next bit the car needs to be level. In my case this involved a bit of lowering with the jack. Keep it safe! You need a funnel with a hose, ideally a bit smaller than the fill hole. I used a garden hose which is a bit too big and it makes it hard so see when the gear box is full as it acts a plug itself. You can get a funnel with smaller hose attached from eBay for not too much. Feed the hose via the wheel arch and into the filler hole. Slowly pour in approximately 1.4 litres of oil.

10) once the oil starts to run out of the hole (save as the one you're filling via) remove the hose and put in the plug with new washer. Torque to 44 NM.

11) clean up the epic mess of transmission fluid from the under car shield, replace the two peg fasteners, refit wheel, lower car, torque wheel nuts to 108 NM.

12) apologise to other half for mess on driveway. Point out that you have just saved a load of cash doing the job yourself. Go for drive and notice no real difference in shifting.

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