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Hi guys,

So I've kind of amalgamated a few threads i've seen on a couple other GPS forums, and I thought I might aswell make a thread with the latest map update on here. I couldn't see any other 'how to' guides on here for this.

Note - the map update is compatible with the following hondas (specifically civic 8th gen):

Legend 2006 - 2010
Accord 2006 - 2015
CR-V 2007 - 2013
Civic 2006 - 2011
CR-Z 2010 - 2012
Insight 2009 - 2015

What you will need:
1. DVD Double Layer disc (Verbatim discs are the best, I tried using philips ones and they all failed the write past 4.7gb).
2. A decent DVD burner capable of writing on double layer discs. I have found that the cheaper usb ones aren't really up to the task as they always fail when trying to write the second layer. I would advise using one of the bulkier desktop versions.
3. ISO burning software. There are quite a few free ones out there, I personally use ImgBurn, but PowerISO should work also.
4. Any form of unzipper, Winrar and 7-zip are both free (you will need this to unzip the download files so you can burn it to the disc).

Step one: Download the update

Allot of the maps always seem to be segmented into smaller files, the only torrent I could find is below. The torrent is for western europe only and is the 2018/2019 version.

thepiratebay.org/torrent/23203439 (please use a VPN or proxy if torrenting)

Eastern europe file download can be found on this website: gpspower.net/honda/351111-honda-dvd-satellite-navigation-system-navteq-ver-3-c0-europe-2018-a.html
But please note I can only confirm that the western europe torrent works.

Once downloaded, you need to unzip the file. In the unzipped folder you will have 3 files (if you download the torrent), [1] the Western Europe ISO file (the large 7gb file), [2] the disc info file (the small 9kb file) and [3] a setup file for img burn (you can delete this and install your own iso image burner if you want).

Step Two: Burning the disc

Open your image burning software and select write image file to disc.

As a source file, select the small disc info file.

You should keep the verify setting on, as this will inform you of any errors that occur during the burning process.

Select 4x write speed. Although the discs may be rated at a higher write speed, I have found that you will be more successful with 4x.

Once you have done that you can start burning. It should take around 40 minutes to complete.

Step Three: Updating the Sat nav
Start the engine (my sat nav will not update without the engine running, i'm assuming its the same for the rest?) and insert the new disc. The sat nav should now automatically update.

Note: I will add a trouble shooting section shortly, incase you recieve an error message when trying to update the satnav.

If you can't be bothered to do that then you can buy the official discs off of ebay for around £20 - £30. I have got a few blank discs that I could burn to, which anyone can have for £10 - I am a poor student so it would help :grin2:

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I dont know if someone can help me.. I think I did somethong stupid.. I installed the eastern europe 2018 now and My country was not in it!!
When I tried to reinsatll my old DVD It said it was an olderversion and would not install it...

Must I find an Eastern euorope dvd from after 2018 to meke this work or is it possible to somehow go around it ?
Reset the nav or something ?

I fpund it!!

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It does take account of traffic when routing using TMC as my regular long journey sometimes uses a different route.

Using a phone is likely to be more up to date though, as I would think it would update more frequently. Built in nav is usually good enough for me as I'm not usually in a rush to get anywhere.
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