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This is my first how to,
On wiki already exists similar how to but it does not detailed.

to disassemble door panel:
1. roll down the window
2. take of the speaker gently (one draw and increase strength)

3. Then unscrew the screws and

4. then between plastic part of doors and metal part of doors put screwdriver (wrap the screwdriver with a towel) and Gently pull several times (left right till hear POP)

5. Repeat the same procedure with the bottom of the door, and the inner side of the door ( for this steps i don't have pictures but i have picture of clips so I will show them)

6. when separated all 8 clips inner part of the door raise slightly upwards and pull towards you and the panel is removed.

rest of story we have on original link :smile:

7. When we assemble the door back All clips must be on the inside panel of the door and not on the metal part of the door.

good luck everyone, for any question feel free to ask.

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with your photos the disassemble door panel it's too simply work for everyone, thank you mate ;)
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Nice write-up, might come in handy :)
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