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How to fit a Tegiwa Header:

I done this on a pit, it could be done on a set of 2 post ramps or a set of drive on ramps. I am not sure if you can do it just with the car jacked up as it needs to go in at a funny angle.
You will need a decent set of tools with sockets and spanners. You will need a new gasket that fits between the B-pipe and manifold, you will also need 3 M10 bolts, nuts, plain washers and spring washers.

Removing the standard CAT and manifold:
-Remove the engine under tray, this is about 8 10 mm bolts and 10 push in clips, 4 of which are in the wheel arches (2 a side).
-Spray the 3 nuts on the OEM CAT with WD40 and let it soak in for 10mins or so.
-Remove the 3 nuts on the CAT (13 or 14mm socket, cant remember, but I would suggest using a 6 point socket and not a 12 as they are likely to round)
-Unplug the Primary and secondary o2 sensors, and remove the bracket that the plug into, 1x10mm nut.
-Remove the rubber hanger for the B-pipe under the drivers door and just let it hang (You can take the whole pipe off if you want but there is no need)
-Remove the 2 bolts with the springs on them that hold the CAT to the manifold.
-Remove the rubber hanger next to the CAT and the CAT can be full removed.
-Remove the shield that fits over the drivers side drive shaft, 3 bolts.
-Remove the bracket the secures the manifold to the block, 2bolts on the block a 1 in the manifold. The one in the manifold broke on mine as it was mega tight.
-Remove the large heat shield that sits above the CAT, 3x10mm nuts. THIS SHIELD NEEDS TO GO BACK ON AT A CERTAIN POINT IN THE REBUILD PROCESS.
-Remove the lower shield that is fitted to the manifold 2 or 3 bolts.
-Remove the upper heat shield, 2 or 3 bolts, you wont be able to get this shield out until you remove the manifold but you can just push it up out the way.
-Remove the 2x14mm nuts and 3x14mm bolts and the manifold and heat shield should lift down.
-Remove the gear cable bracket above where that CAT sits, this was behind that large heat shield, 1x10mm nut. THIS BRACKET NEEDS TO GO BACK ON AT A CERTAIN POINT IN THE REBUILD PROCESS

Cleaning up:
-Remove the gasket and clean around the ports using a Scotchbright pad or wire wool. Dont use the sand paper as the head is only alloy and you could damage it.
-Check the gasket for any damage, if its okay then you should be ok to use it again. I replaced mine .......OCD lol.

Getting the manifold in place:
- You are going to say at one point “this will never fit in there” but trust me it does lol
-Facing the engine from under where the gearstick sits you want to have the manifold at 45 degree angle so that its sticking out under the drivers seat and 45 degrees to pointing down at the ground. Hope that makes sense, it only goes in one way so just take it easy and you will get there.
-Once you get it in place put the rubber hanger back on where the CAT sits. DO NOT FIT NUTS AND BOLTS YET.

Fitting the pesky heat shield:
-You want to first refit the bracket for the gear cables, 1x10mm nut.
-Next you want to fit the large hear shield, 3x10mm nuts.
The reason I’m making such a big deal of this is I forgot to put it in before I bolted the manifold up and its a nightmare to do after.

Fitting the Tegiwa manifold:
-Fit the gasket between the manifold and cylinder head.
-Fit the 2x14mm nuts and 3x14mm bolts, tighten down but nut hard.
-Working from the middle torque the 5 fixings to 44nm (if you dont have a torque wrench, then this is tight but not mega tight).
-Next fit the drive shaft shield, 3 bolts.
-Next fit the rubber hanger under the drivers seat for the B-Pipe.
-Then you will need a new gasket for this flange between the B-pipe and Manifold, its a crush style gasket so it needs to be replaced.
-You will need 3 M10 bolts and nuts, cant remember the length sorry, you will also need 6 plain washers and 3 spring washers.
-Fit tighten the bolts and tighten to 50Nm.
-Next swap over the O2 sensors to the new manifold from the CAT (22mm spanner).
-Refit the bracket for the sensors and plug them back in.

Finishing up:
You want to start the car and check for leaks/blows. Then refit the under tray. Put a the OEM CAT in a plastic bag to prevent crap from going inside.
I would suggest you get the car mapped with flashpro.

I will add photos later, any questions or criticism welcome. Just wanted to contribute to the forum. :)

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Looks brilliant mate, will no doubt help me out when I do mine very soon. I will try to get a few pics while I'm down there and will update bolt sizes.
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