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I must say, before attempting I was rather daunted by the idea of the bumper removal - But having done it, I'm quite suprised at how easily it all came off; The hardest part was getting the lower trim clips out!

Size 2 Crosshead screwdriver - Stubby or on a small ratchet is reccomended.
Trim removal tools - You can get by without, but I'd highly advise getting a set - Makes this much easier and safer!
10mm ratchet.

I've attached the service manual pages - These show you all the relevant connectors. Whilst they are provided for the 9G Pre-facelift, the clips are virtually identical to those on the facelift.
As you will see in a moment, there is no need to remove the entire arch protector - Just the front trim clip can be removed.

General Steps
  1. Firstly, open the bonnet and remove all the trim clips from the front slam panel. Ease it out (Towards the engine to release the clips under the grille, Followed by away to get it off of the bonnet latch.)
  2. Have a look - If you're trying to access a radiator, the front horn / sensor, you may be able to stop here and just reach into the behind-grille area!
  3. Next, remove the trim clips from the arch protector
  4. Pop the clips out carefully on the arch protector - You should only go up to ~12 O'Clock, as this is enough clearance and saves us removing the rest of the trim / connectors.
  5. With your screwdriver, you can unscrew the screws that hold the wings of the bumper in place.
  6. Now, lay out some towels under the front bumper.
  7. Lay on said towels and remove the 8 trim clips that hold the bumper against the undertray - See pictures / manuals if you're not sure, as there are some trim clips in the center for the lower grille.
  8. Now, you can easse the wings out (See guide, there's about 3-4 clips to be pulled out)
  9. Now, with a helper, Remove the clips under the headlight and black plastic trim - CAREFUL! Don't just pull; The clips should be released by inserting a trim tool and lifting the latch.
  10. Now ease the bumper forwards and away, and you'll be able to disconnect the various connectors. (Fog lights, parking sensors, on some EU models headlight washers)
Photographic "How To"

The arch only needs to be popped out to 12 O'Clock, as pictured. That gives all the access you need to the screw to remove the bumper.

The line of trim clips on the underside to remove, 8 in total can be seen (Somewhat) Here:

With the underside unclipped, there's a couple of bolts to undo at the top of the grille. Make sure you've got the right ones, or you'll end up loosening off the headlight! - It's the two bolts, as pictured, that hold the plastic arm which keeps the bumper on.

Finally, the "complex" part! - You'll probably need an assistant (I imagine you could get away without, but no point risking breaking clips!

With everything else loosened off, give the bumper a very gentle pull to open a small gap between the headlight and bumper - From here, you should see the clips. Just slide the trim tool in, and you can disengage each one.
There are six in total; Look carefully at the image above and you should see four of the clip points on the bumper. The other two are on the gloss black trim section.

All done!

On the 1.4, This gives very easy access to the Horns, Foglights, washer reserviour and headlights ( For removal) - I'm fairly sure the same access is needed on the 1.6 / FK2 for Intercooler piping and the like.

I've got a few pictures of the front with the bonnet off, So if you're wondering where something is let me know. (I've only got pictures for the 1.4, mind!)


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