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As promised but forgive me if i screwed it up
Here goes
Stick the ignition on and press the mirror switch till mirrors are folded out
Now press the front window on the broken mirror down just for convenience if needed.
Now take keys out and fold the mirror back to normal position by hand.

Now pull the mirror glass off (it will pull off don’t worry)

Now take the rear painted cover off.

Unclip the indicator wire.
Now look for 2 torx screws where the mirror glass was.

Remove the screws. Now you can unclip and remove the black mirror surround.

Now the remaining back plastics.

Clips are showing in last pic
You can now see all the workings you need
There's a plastic stop which is what will stop against your screw

With the mirror open at normal driving position (as it should be as you put it there by hand at beginning
Mark the alloy bit next to the flat of the plastic stop with a fine marker or pencil
Now fold mirror slightly closed again and drill a small 3 millimetre hole to put a screw in

In pic I’ve put a larger head screw so you can see it resting against stop
Put it all back together not forgetting the torx screws, as i did first time, and switch the car on. The mirror will set itself first time. Then switch it folded and then switch unfolded to test.
There are two instances where this won't help. One is if, when you switch the ignition on, one mirror closes and the other opens. In this case the mirror that is opposite to what your switch is saying needs the wires on the sod plug switching over by pulling the spades out the plug and changing them over.

If you look, mine are switched as well as it being drilled I had to do both.
The second is if the plastic stop is broken. Then you won’t be able to stop the mirror unfolding too far.

Mine has been done like this since last year and has been broken since. The screw just comes out when forced backwards so you strip it and refit screw.
Hope this helps
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