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Before posting, you will want to search to see if someone has previously asked your question and got a good answer.

Civinfo is split into 2 sections, the wiki and the discussion forum. The wiki is a place where we summarise threads and discussions, so you can quickly see all the facts about a subject. The forum is a place for discussion.

1. Wiki

On the left hand side of the page you will find a search box. This needs a four letter word or greater, and works best with one word.

Or, also on the left, you will see an Index link, as well as FAQ and Faults links. You can make your way through those to find the subject you need.

2. Forum

In the blue bar near the top of the page, you will see the Search drop down link:

Here you can enter 4 letter words, and choose to display either a list of threads or posts. Try to pick your search words carefully, a rather general word will be found in lots of threads and will make it hard to find what you want.

If you need to search for 3 letter words, then there is the Google box at the bottom. This will use the Google search engine to search the site, and is very powerful. The only slight snag is that nearly all the site is indexed by Google, but not all.

You can also press the "Advanced search" link, or tab at the top of the page:

Here we can choose some very specific options. One useful one is to search titles only. For example, if you are looking for information on the temperature display problem, put the word temperature in the search box, and choose to search titles only. This will find all threads with "temperature" in the thread title - and this will get you exactly what you need.

Finally, you can search thread prefixes.

In many forums sections posts are categorised by thread prefixes. You will see them on the left:

If you click on the prefix (in my example "VSA", which is hard to search for because it is 3 letters), you will see all VSA threads:



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