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The iTrader system was introduced to enable users to provide feedback on sellers and buyers on the forums For Sale and Wanted or Commerical sections.

In the user profile section of each post (where you see the username, avatar etc) there is a line for iTrader followed by a number.

This number is the iTrader rating for this user.
This can be positive (good) or negative (bad).


By clicking the number you can see the details for the user.
(If you are going to provide feedback, first copy and paste the URL of the thread).


Here you can also click "Submit Feedback for [username]" to provide feedback.

  • Choose if you were the buyer or seller.
  • Choose if your experience was +1 or -1
  • Write a short comment
  • Copy and paste the thread URL
  • Add additional comment (optional)

If you are the buyer in a thread, you can click the link in the opening post. This will take you directly to the feedback page and automatically fill in the URL in the feedback page.
N.B. This only works for the buyer, not the seller.


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