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HYPER REVS Vol 124 Back in stock !!!

Ahhhhh Yeah .. Excited little me just unpacked a box containing some epic new Do-Luck rims for my Impreza..but Also a shed load of new Hyper Revs too.. yay!!!

Anyone not familiar with the HyperRevs..Heres the deal..

Sumo have been importing and selling these for as long as I can remember and they have always been the first thing people buy when looking to tune their chosen ride! They are literally crammed full of stuff so JDM it'll make your eyes hurt! Find something that you like..give me a call or a mail with the page number and let the guys in our Sumo Japan office source it for you..simples :)

Vol. 124 covers the Type R inc EP and FD although theres plenty of ideas to be gained for the FN too!

£29.50 will get you one of these puppies and I have 6 in stock , although the way this volume flies , probably not for long! The thing to remember about these is..they hold their money, you'll always get a good price for it when you are done :)

May be worth noting that we also stock Volumes for all other Jap marques ..Just currently drooling over its equivalent for the GT-R !!

Call me , PM me or e-mail me to order

Cazza xx


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