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Hi guys, I joined today, though I have been following threads for a long time when planning to buy a 8th gen Civic.
Nice to meet you all, it's great to have such a friendly place to discuss and solve problems.
You're like family, really excited to see grown man talk and proffessional attitude in solving our beloved Honda's troubles. :grouphug:

Now, straight to the point.
I bought a 2007 2.2 CIvic, 150k kilometers on the clock, that needs oil, filters, all fluids, discs, pads replacement and maybe an in depth engine check (2 injector values off -1.2 / + 1,6 )
I'm getting a pretty poor MPG, 34,6 mixt consumption (based on the last 1000 miles or so) maybe because I did some short trips last week... and I tend to floor it even now and then when engine is warmed up, BUT most recently started to increase dramaticaly when idling/stationary. In my trip computer I think I accidentally reset trip B, and it was on 0km.

Yesterday I disconnected the battery, took off the MAF sensor and cleaned it up, today I want to take off the MAP sensor which is a bit harder to open due to it's placement to give it a clean up treatment also (air sensor special cleanup spray).

What could cause this gigantic and ridiculous trip computer numbers (13 MPG)? That was on the Trip B, but it also affected pretty hardcore the numbers for trip A (last 1000 miles 34,6 MPG, last night after a 3 minute idling changed to 20 MPG. Is this normal?
So I suspect this possible causes:
1.The fact that I reset one trip and immediatly I kept the car in place idling, the computer calculating only fuel without seeing and miles?
2.Or is it related to the MAF cleaning
3.Battery disconnect?

Drives me nuts it keeps challenging me to read and learn so much in very very compressed time I have, otherwise, I love it and hopefully will solve this too.
Thanks a bunch guys!

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Welcome to :civinfo:

As already mentioned, your poor mpg figures reported by the on-board trip 'puter doohickey will be due to 0 miles covered. My 2.2 mpg used to drop fairly dramatically in town vs the open highway and after an MOT it sucked (car idling/stationary for a long period).

Those trim figures are short term or long term? Either way, anything under 5% isn't worth worrying about on an older vehicle with plenty of miles under it's belt.

So I wouldn't be overly concerned, although a thorough service with OEM Honda filters should help.

The on-board mpg figures are usually optimistic too, which is probably the last thing you want to hear! :lol:
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