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Hi, I recently bought a Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 1.3L with 110K miles on board which has now developed a very annoying problem.

This is almost crippling my journeys as any drive for more than 5 minutes would bring on the engine oil light on first. Then if I switch off the car & try to restart, the VSA, IMA & ECB lights come on & stay on. The engine will switch on but I cannot put the gear lever from 'Park' to 'Drive'. Solution is to let it cool off for a couple of hours or disconnect the battery terminals for 10-15 minutes which will reset all the lights (the engine oil light too) & I can drive the car. If I stop again soon without letting the car to cool down, good chance that I will have to repeat the exercise. It doesn't​ happen starting the car first thing in the morning or after leaving the car switched off for a few hours.

I took it to the local Honda dealer (Somerset, UK) - after running diagnostics, they didn't have a clue what is causing the problem and gave very vague statements about leaving the car with them for liasing with Honda technical & basically spending fortunes on just diagnosing the problem..

Anyone came across this situation? If so, how did you fix it. Is it cost effective to diagnose and fix this problem or should I accept that it was a bad 2nd hand buy and start looking for (perhaps another 2nd hand) car?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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