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Hi All,
This is my first post so please be gentle with me.
So yesterday i purchased a 2016 plate Honda Civic Dtec SE+ With Satnav and Honda Connect
I believe the android system is 4.0.4 / pre android auto version

The problem is the white screen of death issue i have read about where someone tries to updates the maps and fails to install.
This was like it when i purchased the car.

I spoke with the motor dealer who i purchased the car from and they said i should be able to take it in to Honda and have it reset? Reading online im not so sure

So i am booked in for next Monday, but thought if i can sort i before then ...well all is good

From what i have read online, off you get this issue you can solve it yourself by doing the following:-

How to recover from a Honda Connect locked 'white screen'
From 'bricked state' with white screen of death:

1. Re-download from Garmin Express on your PC to the USB
2. Take USB back to the car, place ignition in stage 2 or turn engine on (latter not actually required)
3. From white screen of death opening page - along the bottom, 2/3 along from left to right, press the screen
4. Then you get into the Settings page. Towards the bottom (you may have to pinch and pull down), you should see make out 'Update' in tiny black lettering
5. Press Update and follow the instructions.
6. You will get a black screen saying GIR at the end of the process (15 mins.). Press ok.
7. Satnav icons will be restored but maps will not be present
8. Repeat the process again by going to Update and following the instructions. You will get the black screen saying GIR again after 15 mins or so.
9. But when you press Ok you will now have your maps fully working.
10. Never do this again, stick to the dealer in future!

So i thought id have a go

I formatted a 32gb FAT32 sandisk memory stick and followed actions 1-5
This put the Garmin serial number info on the memory stick, went to my PC and ran the Garmin express software with the USB stick inserted
Garmin Express recognised that it was for Honda Garmin Navigator and the serial number...great start

Then the Page came up where it checks whats needed , in my case two files
Localisation Data , XML file V5.60 @ 98.56kb
Full coverage of Europe / map care expiration 11/25/21 version 2019.0 @ 6.75GB

Super all good...
Software download.....complete
Preparing.........we're unable to install updates.
Map download......failed

[Error message reads
The latest version of these maps have so much new information that were not going to be able to fit it all on your device's internal memory. Please contact Product Support for help with updating your maps.]

So i contact Garmin who then tell me that the head unit does not have enough internal memory.

On further investigation through forums i believe that the android 4.04 unit only has around 2gb storage so either
The map size has grown significantly since the original update
Its the wrong map because it should be probable UK map only which would be a smaller size.

I'm totally bamboozled as i don't have a clue what maps were on it originally, i have checked the data on the usb pen and it also gives no clues as to which maps should be loaded?

All i want is a working sat nav....even if its out of date maps but can find a way to get the original files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your getting the right version of the map, the unit has more than 2GB of memory, that is the user usable size, the map and Garmin App has some reserved space to accept the 6.75GB map.

I would try another USB stick, I presume there is nothing else on the stick? I think some people found that if there were other files already on the stick there were similar space issues.
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