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If you have a fn2 then I would say
Hks rsk is the loudest and hasn't effected my mpg but isn't the best for power it has gains but not as much as others
Tegiwa intake has better power gains but it's close to stock in terms of sound,
The cpl cai is best for power but you need a remap,
Mugen is same as tegiwa but costs loads more,
Gruppe m is also expensive but has good gains and good sound,
Its a tricky decision but if you want loud and cheap then hks rsk.

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What I've put below works for me, disposed of metres of tubing from unber the bonnet, cost pence and actually delivered some mid rev TORQUE that wasn't there before... and sounds "gently" growly on induction pull,
Maybe this way is easiest before chunking great amounts of hard earned cash is spent....
Shortly, I intend to remove the centre silencer & weld in straight pipe, & remove some of the baffling from the rear box when the weather warms up a bit.

But before every one moans, I do appreciate that there are lots of ways of doing mods to these excellent cars... this just worked for me, and I like the result....
Regards to all who read this....
I did a little mod to My FN2 Civic last summer.
I was having severe "pinking/knocking" problems... which turned out to be mainly due to a K&N induction kit fitted by the previous owner.... as well as a host of other lash-ups...
Hoping the pic attachments show here below, if I can load them.

The K&N kit sounded amazing, but the valve pinking was worrying me.
Eventually I got rid of the kit, which was a HUGE ally tube & a monster sized cone air filter and a load of other clips n gubbins....

I won an OEM/standard air box on ebay, fitted a K&N box/square filter & removed all the flaps & veins inside the filter box halves, sanded flat and polished smooth...., and removed ALL of the original induction air tubing that went down to a resonator box, then up to the N/S inner wing.
Directly into the modified Air Box intake, I fitted a 76mm intake trumpet - again from ebay for £5...
Used the OEM/Manufacturers inlet rubber manifold intake tube from the airbox, then onto the road to test drive...

Well, the "pinking" vanished, and it was possibly due to the K&N intake tube diameter where the MAF sensor was fitted.... it was 68mm, instead of the manufacturers 76mm, causing a faster air flow speed and incorrect metering/sensing for fuel, and was possibly confusing the computers expectations against the CAT emission sensors... either way, fitting the standard air box cured the pinking..

I noticed that the car also actually developed Torque..... yeah, honest guvv... it's got torque for the 1st time in it's life.... and negates a lot of gear changes....

Then I wondered what the midsummer under-bonnet temperatures may climb to, and how hot the intake air actually was.... with a gadget tester from Maplins, it turns out that the general temp in-front of the filter box could reach 45 > 65'C+ easily, so hence the scoop fitted to the bonnet.
The scoop came from e-bay for about £68 as a copy of a Toyota/Mitsi' part. This reduced the temp down a few degrees above ambient outside air temp when moving.... and gave the car a little more zip too.
The scoop ducting intake trumpets built into the bonnet under the scoop had to be carefully located and the right height to not rain soak the plug electronic units atop the engine if it rained, additionally, a water exit/vent needed drilling at the back of the scoop so that water didn't puddle in the scoop, and this was easily done too.
The scoop is a perfect taper fit to align with the bonnet bulge too - lucky for me lol...

If any one wants to do the same, privately mail me for details and detailed pictures too.

If any one knows how to load pics or can put some here on this post for me, please mail me.
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