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Had to go to work today and nice morning, shiny car, but bloody awful sound quality! Like most I'm fed up with Civic standard sound system and looking to buy the Infinity setup that's been raved about throughout the site. Looking at caraudiosecurity.com they seem to have the best prices and deals and according to ebay they ship to Ireland. ICE men, need a little help here...

I'm Looking at an infinity Reference setup but there seems to be several options in the 65xx range.

6510CS seems well liked and documented on this fantastic twiki, but has anyone attempted a 6520cs ?



6520SCS ? (shallow mount)


Or will they even fit?

I also want to replace the rears in my 5 door. Anyone done it and make recommendation?

I don't want to start drilling holes everywhere so best sound for least destruction is my goal.

Also, do I need speaker cables or will they come with sufficent?

And the mounting rings mentioned seem to be for the astra or vectra - SAK 9202 same as Civic?

I'll get the sound deading for sure.

Anything else need to know?

Been 10 years since fitting a speaker and sub woofer to an old CRX, so a bit rusty!! ;)

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What difference does the Ohm make?
Without getting too technical.

Ohm (in loudspeakers) is impedance or load.

Less impedance (ohms) make the speaker easier to drive.

An amplifier will give more power (watts) if connected to a lower impedance (ohms) speaker.

However..beware that amplifiers usually have a lowest recommended impedance to be used with them, disregarding this might cause damage to the amplifier.

Therefore in a car I would suggest replacing like for like, i.e. staying a 4 ohms.

Ohm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electrical impedance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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