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In the video, the Prestige with CVT can be had in the UK from £27550. The Prestige equivalent in Australia, the VTI-LX with CVT works out to be only £22600. Granted, it doesn't have the Qi charger, adjustable dampers, heated rear seats, headlight washers and panoramic roof (normal sunroof instead), lined/damped glovebox but we do get a factory subwoofer in the boot (total of 12 speakers). The VTI-LX specs align fairly closely to the US export hatch. The rationale behind Honda building the 10G Civic hatch in Thailand just for Australia, New Zealand and Thailand markets would be to offer sharp pricing against its direct competitors. Sales of Honda cars in Australia have dropped significantly since the peak in 2007 (currently almost-ran status as Hondas are now viewed as staid and boring). There is however, a growth in sales from the Civic sedan which should gain momentum in May when the hatch starts selling.

Here is a link to the Australian spec 10G Civic hatch brochure if anyone is interested or curious:


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