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Firstly there are no images as when i did it i soon realised it is literally just that simple that words and following the pipe you dont need pictures.

Firstly the step by step is courtesy of JohnnyRocket ill just add my review and my opinion of the process and the results.

1.) The first setion into the airbox is easy. get a wide blunt screwdriver and prize the rubber corrugated section off.

2.) remove the battery and battery tray. in the front left corner there is a 10mm bolt undo this and the lower pipe will become loose.

3.) with a bit of effort pull this pipe away from the lower section. it's only a compression fitting so you wont do any damage.

The rest of it will require the bumper off. so....

4.) follow the howto and remove the front bumper

5.) bottom left hand side of the resonator is a 10mm bolt. undo this and then the one at the top left located at the back of the resonator. you may need an extension bar on your socket to get to that one.

6.) locate the next 10mm bolt on the small right angles pipe, and remove. separate the joint between this and the resonator.

7.) pull the resonator free from the big pipe going into it. again these are compression fittings.

8.) pull out the small pipe section. there is another section on top of this but you may aswell leave it where it is as its fitted to the inside of the wheel arch.

9.) the last section goes up in to the wing, and is fitted with a rubber grommet that just pulls out. its a fiddly piece! again you may aswell leave that as it'll be no hinderance to your project.

One of the bolts on the resonator box (only two) is located in a fiddly position you may need to either remove arch lining or get an angled socket end on an extension bar and some wd40 on it ;)

Also move the horn so it is facing upwards and the new intake pipe will fit just fine!

I also used a jubilee clip on the rubber part just before the airbox to fit the new intake pipe into snuggly and securely.
The end of the intake pipe points towards the front middle lower grill with the assisstance of cable ties.

Honestly the hardest and longest part of the whole process was removing that bolt in the awkward place as i didnt have the correct extension and removal of the bumper and refitting the bumper!

The results teamed with a k&n panel filter i believe were good with what seems to be a smoother and quicker uptake whether just a placebo or not i dont know a friend has commented on it feeling quicker in higher rpm. The noise is barely noticeable maybe slightly more grunty but for anyone doing this its to improve the drive and not make it too loud.

I hope this helps people who want to do this Mod it is DEFINATELY worth while and i am a sceptic!
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