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Events can be entered into the Civinfo calendar. This is nice, because it avoids clashes.

The calendar has an RSVP system, so members can add or remove themselves from the list of people coming.

The person who created the event in the calendar can also re-schedule it if needed.

1. Create the event in the Calendar.

Civinfo - Calendar

In the "Add new event" section (bottom right) click on "Single, all day event".
Choose the date, title and a description of the event.

Make sure the RSVP option is ticked.


Press OK and you will see the event page. Copy the URL and you can paste this into your thread, to get people to RSVP.


The event will appear on the Calendar.


2. Create the event thread. Put the date into the title, and paste in the calendar URL so people can RSVP in the calendar.

3. When the event is done, the thread starter can move the thread into the "Past Events" section. Please don't leave a re-direct.

Finally, if you need help, PM a moderator who will sort things out.
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