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Morning folks,

Looking for some advice?

Got my CTR last week and sorted out my cover with RAC. Well chuffed at the price etc. Anyway, as my prev insurer wouldnt cover me in the Type-R ive obviously cancelled my old policy. Received the cancellation paperwork today & its saying this...

Your Premium Information:
Cancellation Date: 04/07/2013
Return Premium: £137.12 Insurance Premium Tax: £8.23
Total Return Amount Due: £145.35
The above premium includes an administration charge of £50.00

Now ive never had to cancel a policy before so not really sure how all this works. Obv i was expecting that 50 quid cancellation fee but whats this return premium & premium tax all about? Is this money im due back or is the total the amount i owe including that 50 quid fee?

Gonna give them a call tomorrow but just to see if anyone knows for sure what this means?

Cheers guys.
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