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New car comes Sept 23rd. Havent been so excited for ages ;-)

Mods planned:
Transform Leather.
18" Aftermarket Alloys
Infinity Speakers, re-Pottsy's suggestion, Possible Bass unit.

For Insurance purposes, should I disclose all of the above?

Any estimate, if i do, the hit on the premium?

Any reccomendations for good insurers?


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It's worth telling them about anything that is not part of the manufacturer's spec or option.

So I would advise them of all that you are planning.
You wouldn't want the insurance company to turn around when you prang your pride and joy that it's not covered because of unauthorised mods.

Hastings Direct wanted an extra £90, adding a third to the price of my insurance, for 18" Blades, so be careful :(
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