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Hey folks.

Over the weekend my engine maintenance light came on. Took it to my local garage and he told me it was the IMRC.

Possible problems could be
- the valve is stuck open
- needs cleaning
- solenoid needs replacing

Before I get him to have a proper look at it I thought I'd see if I can tackle it myself, however I have two problems.

1. I don't even know where the IMRC is
2. How the hell do I go about cleaning/checking it.

I've had a browse on youtube and google but cant find anything specific to my car - Civic 2.2EX Diesel 8th gen 2007

Anyone who can point me in the right directions (ideally with pics) will be on my christmas card list this year! :D

Bye bye Honda...
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This thread has a good picture in post #2... http://www.civinfo.com/forum/engine...006-intake-manifold-runner-control-stuck.html
Item 2 is the linkage between the actuator and the IMRC/swirl valve. Find out if it is moving... if not, gently try to 'help' it to making sure the IMRC/swirl valve isn't sticking.

Item 3 is the solenoid that allows vacuum to be applied to the IMRC actuator. This is the same part as on the turbo boost control, so can be swapped to determine if the fault then transfers to the turbo control (thereby proving the solenoid to be faulty).
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