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Hi all,
My wipers have almost died on me this morning and I'm wondering what's best to do.
I was in the auto setting when they started to become hesitant & stuttering and eventually stopped mid-wipe. Once this happened, all settings except the max setting were dead. It actually felt like my battery was dying, as the behaviour looked quite consistent with that, but everything else is fine so it can't possibly be that.
Does anybody have any advice for me?
The forum is full of posts about the other issue with the wipers going crazy and not completing full length swipes, and the solution for that is to clean out the motor, but does anybody have any theories as to whether this will work for me?
I went back out after half an hour or so and the wipers worked perfectly for about 20 seconds, and then returned to the same fault. I tried listening for motor or cog noise when in the medium setting, but there was nothing. I'm hoping the max setting will get me home tonight, but it is also showing signs of inconsistent speed.
Many thanks,
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