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Hello all)

Glad to find such great forum and would like to introduce my small new project. Couple of words about me — i'm a web-developer and venture investor also interested in tuning :) Before this new project i've owned Lexus IS 250 for everyday drive and Mazda 3 MPS (Mazdaspeed 3) for crazy driving. Lexus is Lexus, nothing to say about and unfortunately i've lost the full list of specs regarding Mazda (it was ~320whp). But all of them are in past because i'm changing the country to live in from Russia to UK. I've decided to buy just usual car to go through EU to UK. Suddenly i found out that Honda Civic 4D could be transformed into the road beast :)

Thats how Civic Project was born. For this project i've created the web site, please bookmark the url if u wish — www.civic-project.com. I will update the site as soon as all tuning stuff would be installed to the car. So… Because of the process of getting visa and being involved into all this, i will get my Civic (in white color) in a 2 or a maximum of 3 months. By now i am preparing some extra funds to create the beast from the stock car in a month or less :) Below follows some steps to start with:

Stage 1: Exterior styling
1. Mugen RR (Road Racing) full body kit
2. Mugen carbon fiber hood
3. Sticky carbon fiber film for the roof
4. Rear LED optics "Black Circle" (smoky plastic)
5. Front optics not chosen yet :)
6. Emotion XT-7 "18 rims (white rim with the red stripe)
7. Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103 tyres (225/45/18)
~ $6,516 for the Stage 1

Stage 2: Some performance parts
1. Mugen sport exhaust system (not enough for turbo kit)
2. Mugen suspension (15mm lowering)
3. Mugen brake rotors, pads and stainless steel brake lines
4. Comptech sway bars
~ $6,610 for the Stage 2

Next stage will be installing turbo kit and all stuff related to it. If you would like i can provide all pictures and links available. Again, all the info will be published on the car's personal web site. Url was provided :)

Glad to meet you guys :) What do you think of the project?

Some pics:

Mugen RR (Front)

Mugen RR (Rear)

Mugen Fiber Hood

Work Emotion XT-7 Wheels

By the way — do you know where to find this ones?

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Welcome to the forum :D Looks like a great project, keep us posted :cool:

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Mad first post!! :cool:

Welcome mate, look forward to follow this
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