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uh hem...

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the challenger...

the newest member on this forum...

weighing in at a mere 10 stones...

having just purchased a new black Type S GT I-Shift with 18" blade wheels...

considered to be the king of modifying on his previous car (Peugeot 206)...


Hello all, my name is Jase and my new civic will be delivered mid-Jan. To be honest, the car was a rushed purchase, so i didnt have much time to do any research on the car before putting the deposit down. I have got the Type S GT version, but made sure i got the 18" blade wheels as i love my wheels :D

So, if anyone has some pics for me on the same car I've purchased (with my wheels), then that would be great. I will be uploading my pics as soon as my car arrives.

Look foward to hearing from you...


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Sounds like you made a good rush decision!

Have a look in the Gallery, I am sure there should be an NHB S with Blades somewhere in there.
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