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I've been having an issue with my front left speaker when using my iPod with a DICE box (other inputs are fine Radio, CD). Speaker cuts out randomly. I've taken apart the installation several times but never found a loose connection so thought it was the DICE box as its about 4 years old.

Today I swapped my DICE box for a Connects2 box was a 30 second job as the connections are the same and my DICE box is in the passenger footwell. Guess what.....the front left speaker still randomly goes on and off [smilie=cwl.gif]

So now at a cost of £80 I know its not the DICE box. I've just ordered a new Y splitter (another £11) for the SatNav as I have an EX and at the weekend I will be taking it all apart and replacing all the cabling with the new Y splitter and the new cables that came with the Connects2 box, I really hope this sorts it!

The old DICE box will go in my wife's 2006 Jazz (I hope it fits).

Wish me luck! This has been a frustrating experience so far :)

This is the connects2 box I now have, outer case is metal unlike the DICE box seems very robust.
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