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I have searched and read loads of stuff, thanks to all.

I have ordered a Dension Gateway 100 with Ipod cable only (no cradle)

I have booked car into a local Ice, et al, specialist, Sextons of Portsmouth, who are going to fit a Parrot 3100 and the Dension together.

Supply and fit Parrot and fit Dension and they are going to power my tomtom for me - hiding the wires, and wire the ipod thru to the centre slidy cover tray behind the gearstick. I am having the Parrot control, interface in the centre parcel shelf thingy so that I can close it up and hide it when parked and or not in use (just like the post on here)

They want the car for a day, and are going to charge me £210, is this a good price?

Is there anything else I should get them to do while they have the dash apart and the HU out?
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