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Hey all, I could really use some help trying to find the most suitable integration for my shiny new 32gb iPod touch! I have a 1.4 SE (no sat nav, just standard head unit).

For a start, I'm not sure which ICE systems will support a touch. Here's what I'm looking for:

- A system which will allow me to control my ipod using radio & steering wheel controls but also leave the iPod screen free to use as a normal ipod whilst connected.
- A system which will stop the iPod when the car or radio is off and which will charge the iPod when it is on.
- A system which will display track info on my Head Unit if possible, although this is not a necessity.

Reading pjr's review of the official Honda connector doesn't sound as bad as I had feared but if anyone else has any better solutions I'd love to hear them. I'd especially love to hear from anyone who has successfully integrated the iPod touch!

Thanks in advance


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I have the Honda MusicLink installed in mine.

It does what you want - except for the ID3 info - only displays PLAYLIST# - TRACK#. And it disables the iPod controls whilst connected.
(Charges iPod when car is on, turns iPod on or off as needed, can be controlled from Head Unit and Steering Wheel)

It works for me with the following iPods:
  • iPod 4th Generation
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Nano 1st Generation
  • iPod Nano 3rd Generation (iPod Fatty) :)
  • iPod Touch
...yes I really have that many iPods.... don't get me started....

The biggest problem with it (apart from the rediculous price) is the need to create playlists if you want anything other than random playback, coupled with the limitation of only 7 playlists.

It makes the Head Unit think its an 8-Disc CD Stacker - Discs 1-7 are user defined playlists that you have to set up on your PC prior to connecting the iPod to the car, Disc 8 is entire iPod on Random and Disc 9 is whatever was playing when you plugged it in. You cannot select Disc 9 manually.

If you want to play a specific album you need to either:

a) Give its own playlist - this is not really an option unless you only have 7 albums on your iPod.
b) Detatch the iPod from the system, select and play the album you want, plug it back in. It will then play that album until you change the playback using the Head Unit or Steering Wheel. (Unless that album is a part of playlists 1-7. Then it will continue with that playlist but will display CD9)

On the upside the sound quality from any iPod is miles ahead of MP3 Discs. I assume because the iPods have a much better MP3 decoder than the head unit - not really surprising.

Also, the scan/seek times are much faster on the iPods than the MP3 CDs.

On the whole I'm happy enough with it for the moment... I would probably have gone with a different solution but I had mine installed at time of purchase - before I knew there was any other alternative...

...but I plan to replace the entire head unit with a 2-DIN touchscreen with decent iPod control and full ID3 display ability somewhere down the track...


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I'm about to buy a 16Gb iPod touch, and having read loads of useful posts on this forum for I've decided to go for the most basic line in solution (connect2) for my Civic - I can always add the bells and whistles later (I quite fancy a HK D+P 2, but no-one seems to have them in the UK yet). However, I'd rather not clutter up the car with a splitter for the cigarette lighter (I already have a satnav that charges from that).

Anyone know whether this iConnect cable from In car express will work with a Touch?

Connects2 iConnect iPod Docking Connector to RCA Connection £24.99 including VAT. ICONNECT. Buy discounted car audio online at In-Car Express

I've heard the dock connector on the Touch is different from some sources, the same from others :confused:. Thoughts?
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