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Hi Folks,

I have a civic tourer that has the standard stereo - no nav or touch screen display. I can stream music to it via bluetooth from my phone and can change forward/back tracks with the car stereo controls but i cant browse music on the phone.

My phone is a HTC One **, i thought it might be something in the Htc's software so i flashed it to vanilla android but its the same result.

I read somewhere that google may have updated its bluetooth implementaiton recently and that some stereo's need updated firmware to be fully compatabile, would there be firmware avail for the civic's radio? I think its a panasonic model?


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Google updated android to ensure that track listings were shown in the imid display.
This doesn't mean that the stereo firmware needs to be updated - far from it - in my experience the car's bluetooth data comes from the bluetooth receiver that sits under the passenger airbag and just sends the information it receives to the radio. And at this stage, unless you have an iPhone (or possibly Blackberry but not sure) then the imid will never display the track listing (because the bluetooth unit came out of the ark) and will never allow you to browse the music.
It's all rather dark ages I'm afraid.

look at the
Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2... - The Spotify Community
Our unit made by Johnson COntrols for Honda is I guess working to the AVRCP 1.0.
So even of your phone had the correct version of Andriod, the car wouldn't recognise it.
Honda seem to be apathetic to the issue and also the issue of compatibility issues with phones dropping out eg here
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